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What You Wanted to Know about Psychedelics: Types and

Psychedelics are also popularly known as psychedelic drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, or hallucinogens. These chemical substances are capable of inducing hallucinations and various sensory disturbances. Psychedelics are psychoactive substances that are powerful enough to alter a person’s mood perception and other cognitive processes.

There are various types of psychedelics, some of which are created in laboratories, while others occur naturally in seeds, vines, trees, leaves, and fungi. Now that you know what psychedelics are, let’s dive deep into the understanding of how psychedelics are used, their effects, and what happens when you mix them with other drugs.

How Are Psychedelics Used?
Psychedelics are not new. They are being used for ages by multiple cultures because of their spiritual and mystical properties. Magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT are inhaled, swallowed, smoked, and sometimes even mixed with tea. They can also be mixed with cannabis and tobacco to be smoked.

Peyote buttons are finely grounded into a powder form and then mixed with tobacco or cannabis to be smoked. These buttons are also sometimes soaked to form a liquid. In contrast, mescaline is another psychedelic drug that is consumed just by swallowing.

NBOMe is psychedelic drugs that need to be swallowed, kept in the mouth, or under a person’s tongue to be active and effective. Psychedelics aren’t to be consumed regularly, only on special occasions, and should be months or at least weeks apart.

Effects Of Using Psychedelics
Using any drug carries certain risks with it. And because when it comes to drug use, there is no safe level, one needs to be extra careful when consuming any drugs. Psychedelics tend to affect different individuals differently depending on:

  • weight, health, and size
  • the drug’s strength keeps varying from one batch to another
  • the amount consumed
  • whether the individual has consumed any such drugs before
  • and whether the person has consumed any other drugs around or during the same time

The effects of psychedelics tend to vary considerably. Some may even last several hours, depending on what you have taken. Below are mentioned some symptoms that you might experience during this period:

  • feeling happy and relaxed
  • hearing or seeing unrealistic things
  • dizziness and vomiting
  • irregular or fast heartbeat
  • getting chills and sweating
  • feeling euphoric
  • feeling confused and clumsy
  • breathing fast
  • numbness

Some people also tend to experience flashbacks or bad trips. Flashbacks can be experienced after months or even years of consuming psychedelics. Flashbacks can cause anxiety and are visual. They usually last for a couple of minutes. On the other hand, bad trips are disturbing and frightening hallucinations that can cause unpredictable behavior.

Mixing Psychedelics and Other Drugs
Mixing psychedelics with other drugs can have unpredictable results. In case you end up mixing it with stimulant drugs, it can increase the effects, and your body can come under massive stresss. It can also increase heart rate and anxiety which might end up in having an awful negative experience.

Combining psychedelic drugs with alcohol can increase the risks of vomiting and reduce coordination in the body. Simply put, alcohol can end up increasing the effects of any psychedelic drugs.