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So, who is to blame for our aggressive behavior? Is it entirely our fault? Well, warrior genes are often believed to be responsible for aggressive behavior. As per the latest research, people with warrior genes behave aggressively when they are provoked.

What Is Warrior Gene?

Low activity MAO-A variants are referred to as the “warrior gene.” Well, almost all human beings have a functional MAO-A gene. But people with the low activity MAO-A variants show a higher level of aggression than the ones with the high activity MAO-A gene while dealing with certain unwanted situations like ostracism and social exclusion.

What is Monoamine Oxidase (MAO-A)?

The Monoamine oxidase A gene is there to provide instructions for making monoamine oxidase A enzyme. Monoamine oxidase breaks down neurotransmitters like adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline that play a vital role in regulating our mood. Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene is also called the “warrior gene” since it is linked to the aggressive behavior of people. MAOA has been observed to be less associated with aggression in low provocation conditions. But aggressive behavior in people with Low activity MAO-A variants is predicted in high provocation situations.

Genes Vs. Environmental Factors – What Play More Important Role in Violent Behavior

So, what plays a more important role in aggressive or violent behavior? As per researchers, people who have low activity MAO-A variants have a high level of aggression. So, it’s undeniable that genes play a significant role in violent behavior. However, several other factors also play an important role in aggressive behavior. Studies have found that both genes and environmental factors are linked to aggressive behavior. Factors like abusive childhood have a strong connection with violence or aggression particularly.

However, researchers have identified another factor that contributes significantly to aggression, and that is intoxication – it can be with amphetamines or alcohol. So, MAO-A or warrior gene cannot be blamed alone for aggression in people.

Myths about the Warrior Genes – Debunked

Here are some myths about the warrior genes you should not believe.

  • The Warrior Gene Is Rare
    Well, the truth is – we all carry the MAOA gene, known as the warrior gene. The difference is that some of us have low activity MAO-A variants while others have high activity variants. People with low activity variants are likely to behave aggressively in response to provocation.
  • Low activity MAO-A Variants Are the Only Reasons for Aggression.
    It’s true that people with low activity MAO-A variants are likely to be aggressive. However, it’s not the only reason behind your aggressive behavior. Certain environmental factors like childhood abusiveness also contribute significantly to it.

Tips to Deal with Aggressive Behavior

Here are some tips on how to deal with aggressive behavior.

  • Prevent yourself from responding to your anger. Give yourself some time and allow yourself to calm down before you respond.
  • Do some exercise since this could really be helpful for reducing stress as well as controlling anger.
  • Think before speaking or behaving aggressively. In the heat of the moment, we often behave rudely and speak aggressively. We sometimes regret it. So, just take some time before behaving rudely.

Besides the warrior genes, environmental factors are responsible for aggression in people. Try to stay positive since it will help in stress reduction. Reducing stress is a great way to control anger.