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1. How does MyTherapyPro's work?

You may schedule the following services direct with your counselor:

  • Live Chat
  • Live Video
  • Phone Call
2. What are the advantages of Online Counseling?
Online counseling, once termed alternative therapy, is now becoming a common practice preferred by both clients and therapists. It has been praised for bridging the gap that existed with traditional face to face therapy around issues such accessibility, convenience, affordability and more.
3. What equipment do I need to receive online counseling?

We provide:

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Platform
  • EMR, Practice Management Software for scheduling, documentation and billing
  • Credit Card Processing for session payments

You Provide:

  • A Secure environment for privacy and comfort
  • Computer or smartphone
    1. With Built in or External Camera
    2. Built in or external Microphone
    3. Headphones with microphone and background noise reduction feature as needed
4. What is the cost ?
Subscription Service with 1st appointment for 60 minutes of the week free. After the initial, weekly 1 session for 30 minutes with a therapist.

There is an up front credit card payment. Your credit card will be charged weekly $55 US dollars.

(Subscription may be cancelled at anytime.)

You may request an invoice to see if it will be eligible for out of network coverage if you have insurance.

5. Who are the MyTherapyPro's counselors?
All the counselors on MyTherapyPros are professionals working across the United States. Each counselor holds at least a master’s degree or above. They are all independent professionals who are licensed in their state of residence. The licensing laws in each state are unique but most require: a master’s degree or above, a practicum or internship, standardized exams, and 2000 hours of supervised counselling experience.
6. Can I use insurance to cover the cost?
Yes, you can ask for an invoice from your therapists.
7. What if I don't get along with my counselor?
Oftentimes learning to work with your counselor is an important part of the therapeutic process and your healing so we’d like for you to give your first counselor a try. We strive to match you with a good fit but that doesn’t always happen. If for any reason you feel like your counselor is not the best match for you please contact us and we’ll help you make the right switch.
8. Do the therapists from MyTherapyPros keep notes on their encounters?
Yes. Similar to traditional in-office psychotherapy treatment, MyTherapyPros therapists will keep electronic medical records (EMR) of every contact with you.
9. What if my problems are too big for a therapist on MyTherapyPros?
This is a great question. Most problems can be resolved through MyTherapyPros sessions. However, some problems may need more intensive psychotherapy treatment. If at any time your MyTherapyPros therapist believes that you will be better served in a traditional therapy setting, resources in your community will be given and MyTherapyPros will be discontinued at that time.
10. Are you a therapist and want to be part of the team?

We’d love to hear from you. Please tell us a bit about yourself by clicking here

11. What is the difference between e-therapy and traditional therapy?

Basically, the concept is the same. You are meeting and paying to have talk therapy to assist with an issue you are having. Whether you are having anxiety, depression, marital conflicts, bereavement, etc. the talk therapy treatment is basically the same.
The difference is in the delivery of the content. With e-therapy the encounter is virtual. Meaning, you are receiving services from the comfort of your home or a private environment, while traditional therapy is office based. The therapist still has the required degrees and the required background experience, however the content is being delivered in a virtual space.

12. Does MyTherapyPros actually provide my counseling?
The role of MyTherapyPros is to connect you with a licensed professional counselor. Once we help you connect we provide a confidential place for you to receiving counseling services at a reasonable cost.
13. How much does the average cost of online therapy cost?
The average cost for a licensed therapist is $150 per hour session, comparatively our site is significantly cheaper per session.

Our Subscription service is $55 per week.

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